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Attorney Promise

 Integrity is critical in business, law and relationships.  Mr. Clay provides honesty in advice and a commitment to the quality of services provided.  In a world filled with unreliable advice and poor service, Mr. Clay is an attorney who puts integrity at the forefront of his practice.

Confidentiality is required by attorney client privilege, but is also a personal commitment of the heart.  Mr. Clay recognizes that whether in business or personal matters you need an advisor who will maintain confidentiality and operates at the highest level of ethical standards. 

Personal attention is a key ingredient to any successful service and relationship.  Mr. Clay recognizes that you have a choice of attorneys.  Through Mr. Clay's years of experience he has remained committed to providing his clients with the close personal attention which they deserve.  Mr. Clay will work diligently to help you understand the legal process, the work being done, the consequences and risk of decisions, and various steps to be taken in any legal process.  This level of personal attention provides superior legal services by educating you so that you are better informed and able to better guide the legal process in a direction most conducive to your goals.

Professionalism is a value missing in today's fast paced world;  however, through years of experience Mr. Clay's expertise in a broad range of legal services assures that you will receive the most professionally prepared legal documents, litigation, mediation and advice.    

Attorney Paul O. Clay Jr. delivers integrity, confidentiality, personal attention, and professionalism at highly competitive and fair rates backed by decades of experience.

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Integrity, Confidentiality, Personal Attention, Professionalism - Paul O. Clay Jr. Attorney at Law


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